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back around my old home town there were several small cemeteries across the street from cow pastures. (there were a lot of cows) wonder if I could figure out a route so that the pastures were always on my side...

(what do you do about pastures with cemeteries IN them?, yeah, we lived out in hick country, and had a few of those too)

Alan B

Here in England we play 'pub cricket' — watch for pubs on your side and earn a point for each leg. 'Red Lion' = 4 points, 'King's Head' = no points, 'Coach and Horses' = look at the sign to see how many horses, 'The Cricketers' = big argument.


We used to play a game like that when I was a kid and I learned about it at a wonderful rest area in Paducah, KY. They called it Cow Poker and the big point items were Pink Cadillacs and freestanding chimneys!


We're morbid. We count roadside memorials.


We play that game, too, here in Texas!


i wanna play

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